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Espresso Bean to Cup

Our fully automatic espresso bean to cup machine brings the local gourmet coffee shop into your office.

The Alba ‘Bean Bag’ Selection

All Alba Espresso Roasts are 100% Arabica, locally roasted in small batches, guaranteeing freshness, quality, and consistency.

The Roast that started it all

Alba Coffee Shop

Medium/Dark, Rich, and Smooth

a tribute to our European heritage

Alba European

Dark, Rich, and Bold

an Ybor classic

Alba Cuban

Dark, Extra Rich, and Extra Bold

Bean Bag Roast

Bean to Cup Machines

We offer four different machines based on how many employees your office supports.

Vitro S1

  • Prepares 60 cups per day
  • Suitable for small offices

Vitro X1

  • Prepares 150 cups per day
  • Suitable for medium offices

Vitro S5

  • Prepares 220 cups per day
  • Suitable for large offices

Vitro X5

  • Prepares 250+ cups per day
  • Suitable for extra-large offices

Coffee Offerings

You can prepare the following types of coffee in our bean to cup machines.
Types of Coffee
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